27th Jan, 2023

Match 6: Well, it rained, rained some more, and just didn’t stop

By MI Emirates Media

Who’d have thought. Three consecutive games, three consecutive washouts. In the desert of all places. But that was the case today as well, with our match against the Gulf Giants getting washed out within two hours.

With some massive puddles around in the outfield, and the rain showing no signs of stopping, the umpires saw no point in waiting until the stipulated close of play time in trying to get a game. Both teams ended up sharing one point each, and we now sit on third spot with four games still remaining. 

Our hopes of getting our campaign back onto winning tracks is going to take just that slight bit longer. The good news though is that the weather is improve over the next few days, and by the time Sunday (January 29) arrives with our clash against the Desert Vipers in Sharjah, things should start looking up. Brighter times await, literally! 

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