2nd Feb, 2023

“We are in the hunt for the play-offs, 100%”: Trent Boult

By MI Emirates Media

In a low-scoring thriller, it was down to the debutant Jordan Thompson to defend 11 in the final over. And although he tried his absolute best to take the game deep, one bad ball right at the end saw the Gulf Giants clinch the victory. Here’s the leader of our pace attack, talking about how the bowlers combined to drag what looked like an easy chase of 140 on a flat wicket right to the 120th ball. Trent Boult, in the post-match press conference. Excerpts .. 


Whether the batting unit fell short

I’m sure the batting group would have hoped for 15-20 more runs. It’s a high scoring ground and a good wicket. There aren’t too many demons in it. Credit to the Giants. All their seamers bowled nicely and made us take tough options. The wickets kept falling. It is what it is. The spirit of the bowling unit showed. We remained aggressive. T20 cricket is something where you take things deep and take it to the last over. With JT (Jordan Thompson), I thought he bowled five good balls and then I’m sure he would have liked to have gone wider and created opportunities with the wide line. Great lessons, that’s what we’re here to learn and go forward.


On him not bowling the final over

It’s the captain’s decision. His theory is that the more experienced bowlers bowl earlier. No regrets with that. I thought the way all the bowlers contributed by being nice and simple made the opposition take high chances. Unfortunate to come out on the wrong side. 


Chances of MI Emirates making it to the play-offs

100% chance. It’s exciting. That’s why you want to come to these tournaments: to play the big games. One more game here, one more in Dubai. We won’t get too far ahead of ourselves. We’ve still got some good cricket to play. 


On the pitches being dished out

I don’t think the wickets have changed. Here, generally, it is a hard surface. It is nice and flat and skids through nicely. It’s just the way in this tournament that guys get to look at guys and understand teams, how they are made up and stuff. It’s how tournaments go I guess. We are racing through. We are hitting the crunch end and it is very exciting. Can’t wait to take it a little bit further. 

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